God is the great creator, that created every creature has the nature, shape, specifications, functions and special missions. In principle god never fails or less perfect in bringing a creature. So if caught a creature that looked more ugly or defective then it is because of the limitations of our perspective in providing the assessment. We conclude the assessment is usually limited in physical appearance, ability to look and how much direct benefit to humans.

Some animals seem more intense than the others in appearance and physical ability, so much used as a symbol of an organization to provide a philosophy that reflects the vision and mission of a group. Call it from a group of biological creatures: eagle, lions, tigers, elephants, bison, palm trees, pine trees, while the organic beings, namely: the sun, moon, stars, mountains and so forth.

Man seems to ignore the power of other creatures because it is considered less attractive, less helpful or not being mean.
We invite you to analyze several phenomena:
  • Why dinosaurs are big and strong to be destroyed?
  • Why eagle, tiger, lion become endangered when a symbol of greatness?
  • Why are cockroaches, worms, insects and other small animals still exist?
  • Is it true that rats and wild pigs that ugly creature?
  • Where more people die bitten or attacked by tiger mosquitoes?
  • How busy lizard crawling on the roof while the food was like a mosquito flying saucers?
  • If maggots and bacteria disappear, perhaps the world would be filled with garbage and human waste.

The above questions may require a long time to answer and appropriate knowledge in their fields to provide an objective assessment.

Tentative conclusions from me as a person who is not the expert that every creature has the privilege, the issue is how we are able to reveal the secrets of potential there. Proven animals seem more intense, the reality is now nearly extinct, it could be their emergence is not so meaningful for humans. Animals that look so weak was still existing and beneficial to human existence.

I invite your readers to try the above projected natural phenomena into social life. The diversity of race, ethnicity, culture, religion and customs prevailing in the environment each have a privilege.
Likewise personally about skin color, socioeconomic level, beauty, health, physical ability, aptitude and IQ levels, all have distinctive features that need to be valued and respected.

My theory is to invite you to think more creatively in solving the deadlock a problem, try challenging doktren or myth that has been established and discover new ideas.

This theory method uses the principle that all things have positive and negative aspects and nothing is wasted in this earth. Being evaluated in this theory is the whole character of the existing creature in the universe to be projected in social life.

As well as to review the character of wild animals is not enough to look at the side of his greatness but also see aspects of his weakness. Ant characters more powerful than the dinosaurs, it does not mean the ant more to win if fighting with dinosaurs, but ant is more resilient in life that can still exist.

Similarly, we can question if the lions, tigers, eagles and animals are often used as an emblem or symbol of the country group, the animals were unable to anticipate the changing times. The symbol of a group expected to be a reflection of the vision, mission and character.

Thought this might also affect the parameters of the measurement of progress a state or quality of individuals, whether the size of currently used objective in determining the level of quality. Is it true statistical data to reach every aspect of life?

That looks good there may be a downside, and that does not draw should also be reviewed.

Azhar Muhammad

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